Helping you do more!

It’s an hour-long white board session on getting more done with the same time frame you are awake. The session walks through figuring out what is necessary from whatever one is doing, reflecting upon what is needed and what is to be neglected. The session happens either once in two months or upon requests. The session is designed to help people struggling to utilize the time properly and for those who are seeking to achieve goals.

Hear from the Participants, 

“I liked the simplicity and impactfulness of the concept. I appreciated how it prodded me towards a powerful reflection on how I use my time.” ~ Pem Dema

“It helps to reflect on time management on daily basis and taught the importance of now! .” ~ Singye Wangchuk

“I would like to thank Mr. Karan for his productive session & making us realise the value of time. It helped me a lot.”~ Deki Yangzom

Filming & Photography Sessions

The motivation for filming and photography session was drawn from the first filming training Karan recieved at Chokyi Jatsho Institute. What good is a knowledge if it’s all in your mind. The session was started for the love of sharing knowledge. It focuses on camera handling, basics of photography, rules, and story telling.The session is usually conducted in remote/unreached areas. 

Past events include:

  • Basic Photography session for Monks at Nalanda Shedra (2022)
  • Virtual Session for Teachers and Lecturers in Bhutan (2020)
  • Session for monks at Chokyi Gyatsho Institute, Samdrup Jongkhar(2020)
  • Photography Session at Cheri Monastery (2019) 

Sponsor a Session?

Everything is done with pure intention to help spread the knowledge to the unreached areas and to the ones interested. Any kind of sponsorship such as venue, tea and snacks will be of a great support in grooming and growing together in society.