One Common Goal

One Common Goal

What is your goal in life? Or do you even have a goal; something you want to achieve in your life? Pardon me for the language! The only point I want to make here is how having a common goal would define us for who we are as a citizen of this nation. Inspired by His Majesty’s words, “We must always stand united in spirit and purpose, we must always be one nation with one common goal”.

As an individual, everyone thinks differently and it is that one quality that makes us different and the difference either lead us to do something positive or negative in a community. In 2007, Bhutan was declared as a democratic country, and to all the citizens of the nation, we are given the right, we have the power, the power to voice out and above all, we have the ability to stay united, think and give better definition to the nation with every expiring day. It is also where Gross National Happiness (GNH) comes in, where a country is known to the outside population through the concept of happiness.

To point out some figures, in 1971 Bhutan became a part of the United Nations and the first tourist was allowed in the country, 1999 television and internet made its way to Bhutan, and here we are today having access to every information that the mankind knows and has discovered. Be it about an ethnic group on the other side of the globe or the fish species in the deepest Antarctica. What we know for sure while the global network has all got us connected is that we are also a part of the global network, the global population have the access to our definitions on the internet (on who we are as a Bhutanese and Bhutan). It is where our role comes in for what tomorrow would hold for us.

Bhutan has always been a culture rich country. Let the woven Gho and Kira produced in the east to the conical hat in the north be one prominent wear of the nation. We as a Bhutanese, we are the beautiful dances we have; we are the traditional art and paintings on every wall; we are the poetry that the richness of our language has, we are the smiles that the Wangchuck dynasty has blessed us with; We are the beautiful history that our country holds to tell. Our responsibility as a youth is to promise a better society for our offsprings. Let development and modernization continue but what we can provide to it, is a development with values and growth with the richness of culture and the Bhutanese pill of happiness. The sense of patriotism in self.

The country has always been blessed for who we have as a leader. So much of willingness and love from the citizens towards the country. Towards taking the brand Bhutan to every noticeable spot. As for what His Majesty said on live speech through a national TV channel, “The youth of Bhutan embody vigour and energy, and they are ready to serve without fear or hesitation when needed. I am always profoundly heartened when I hear their aspiration and see their enthusiasm”. It shows how much our King has trust on His citizens, seeing the patriotic nature and willingness in people. Because we have the beautiful pallet colouring the county and the people, it empowers us an individual to take refuge and do greater things in the name of the country.

The country has already come a long way, known for Buddhism, the kindness of their Majesties, the happiness and for being independent throughout its history. All the elders and the soldiers, the parents and grand ones have always been a part of this successful journey and now it falls on us. As His Majesty notices the positive energy in all the youths, His Majesty also said in one of His address, “This is what defines our country as a special nation”. It reminds us that we have a great role for the future of this country, for giving our country a beautiful definition in making it a special nation. It can only be achieved when we stand united in spirit and purpose with one common goal. ✌

The photo was photographed by His Majesty The King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck on our way back from a dance video shoot.

Thank You for reading ? 🙂

This is Karan, an educator and a learner based in the Himalayas.