Living a perfect Day – COVID19

Certainly, things aren’t right. It’s not right for you and not right for me either. But things are happening, a lot has happened already, tomorrow is never a promise and I am sure, we all have to be ready for both good surprises and ill moments in life. Acceptance is the only way out rather than cursing the darkness which leads your mood to torment.

Are we waiting for a perfect day? Well, did something like that even exist? Which day is perfect and which days are not. For some reasons, I believe it’s all our mind and our thoughts. Albert Einstein also said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”. All I want to say is that the way we think matters big time, all the things we might have been doing would be the very result of the sequences/pre-action in our mind. Exactly what Buddhism says about mind and body, they are unified. It is completely unbelievable how this phenomenon of consciousness plays with your body, mind and soul.

This lockdown is surely bringing storms to the minds of many. The idleness isn’t a piece of cake for all, like the loners who would enjoy the silence of darkness in the room. But I ain’t here to tell a loners tale. As a Bhutanese, I know that we all are not used to staying away from our loved ones, our friends and companions in the community. We love exchanging conversations, sharing meals, and entertaining one another.

Do you want to keep yourself busy? How can we keep ourselves focused? Do we even have things to focus on? We are away from our school and our workplace. For some reason, for some of us, laziness has already taken over; the drastic change in sleep time and appetite.

Going back to the title of this article, “living a perfect day”. I think it is all on how we make use of our internal biological system. Mike Murdock once said, “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine”. If you have made up your mind to do something good, your entire day goes good. The miraculous moments aren’t promised every day and we can’t be relying on the truth that everything happens for good always. After all, who doesn’t want a fruitful future? How we sequence our mind for our next action, for tomorrow, for what we are going to do 10 years down the line, what you are doing right now or today are the very roots for the world you already pictured in your mind. The good thing is, it might turn out even better.

Staying at home, away from the workplace or school doesn’t limit us from all the available resources. I am sure many of us are suffering from depression and mood swings but there is no point in being melancholy and dull if realized. But most of us hardly have any control over it and the good thing is we can always develop those powers, the energy to tackle all the situations that the moving clock brings upon us. I have been hearing and seeing a lot of stories on Instagram and Facebook involving trials on baking, learning to code, singing songs and spiritual masters saying that it’s great that you are given the break to practice on self-growth; to focus on yourself. Of all the things said, the best thing to keep yourself awake would be keeping yourself connected, we all are far from one another but technology has broken the wall. You do you, I do me and together we break the chain of spread for now.

There surely is a thick dark cloud circling our mind, but if not for ourselves, I am afraid it would be difficult to notice the silver linings shining bright at the edge. We know that the good days are on its way, there is no wrong in seeking the light or adding goodness to time a little earlier. After all, we as humans care for the happiness of all beings. We as a citizen of this country are more than blessed to be under the right hands, His Majesty, the Government, the Prime Minister, all the Frontliners and all the others involved in protecting the citizens against COVID-19, our days are already promised to bear good fruit and the sun is already shining on us with the bluest skies. We all are well provided for. We can’t let our days pass by with idleness taking over. “A good day is a good day, a bad day is a good story”, Glennon Melton. Thanks for reading. I am ending it here. Stay blessed and the technical world would always keep us connected.

This is Karan, an educator and a learner based in the Himalayas.