Based in the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu, I am currently involved and active in the field of media technology. I started this page back in 2017, to let my expressions have a playground.

Since 2017, my path has led me to unexpected doors, gates and windows of opportunities. It has enriched me with many creative ideas, thoughts, and projects, for which I am very grateful. Poetry, art, and music are my daily activities, but you may find me involved in various other fields. I like teaching, for instance, and I have been facilitating special education programs in non-profit organizations and youth groups.

With the blessings of my photography and filming training in Lhomon Education (a grassroots initiative developing innovative curriculums for Bhutanese students in a monastic setting), I have been able to teach photographic creative expression to monks and enthusiasts

Creative expression is such a unique and fascinating human act.
Some use their brush to paint, pen to write, voice to sing, or hands to drum. Others use their mind to transform themselves, or to contribute to the world. Amazing, isn’t it?

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Bug Who Carries Fire

An upcoming film by Khyentse Norbu. Worked as a camera assistant and a data wrangler for a period of 42 days.
Data Wrangler/Camera Assistant
December 19 – January 29

Dangphu Dingphu | A 3 Pig Production

Worked as a data wrangler for a period of 35 days, other works included making dailies, posters and mini clips.
Data Wrangler/Camera Assistant
July 28 – September 10

The Black Sheep

Founded The Black Sheep, an Initiative to do 100 projects in a life time in the field of science, innovation, technology and business.
Since Feb 2021

Ethnic Bhutan

An IT Enabled Startup helping businesses grow online.
Since Feb 2021

Ministry of Education + BitCom Bhutan

Going from one school to another, demonstrating on In Interactive Flat Panel, covering all in Paro, few schools in Thimphu, Wangdue Phodrang and Chukha, it has been an awesome journey facilitating and training the teachers and in helping them use digital system for education.
June 2019 – January 2022


Had spent the past few years exploring, learning, doing graphics, developing and technical stuff.
Free Bird
Feb 2019 – 2022