Driving Your Soul

The world is a different paradise right now. Of course centuries back it was all about war and blood, but today its a society spread with happiness; The world where it begins with humanism and ends with humbleness in humankind. There is some comfort in the passage of time if noticed. Millions accept it that it’s a beautiful change while billions hold themselves back. Why? We as a human, we get so used to our comfort zone that we end up not liking the change which is brought forth by the passage of time.

How do you count/define your soul as? There isn’t any particular organ in your body or a part that you can point to as your soul. Not to mention that a lot of finding works were put into action in search of a soul in the body. What is that soul that poets mention; the soul that actually has a capability to exist off your body; the soul that sees the path after death and before life. I have mentioned it a couple of times in my poems that human life is a beautiful holiday/escape for a soul although I have no idea how the journey of a soul continues after it leaves the body.

Why am I mentioning too much about the soul? Well, as for the ancient samurai, they say that their sword is their soul. The other way of putting it in a spiritual context would be, the prayers I chant every day is the richness of my soul. So what I am trying to say is that there has to be something that drives your soul. The generation is different now, unlike the days where the entire global population was about concurring and war. The soldiers put their heart and soul for their nation and the leader with the oath taken to serve. Either you be brave and courageous or “seppuku”, the practice whereby a samurai takes his own life because he was not courageous/strong enough to stand for what he was meant to be.

Not that we have forgotten the way of life! But I would like to call upon a line from a book titled, “Old path new clouds” by Thich Nhat Hanh where he says that everything that you do should be felt, another way of telling would be a life in every breath. And if you are able to live a life up to the extent where you would feel, “Yay this is the purpose of life or a bliss in living”. In doing so it has to be self-driven, isn’t it? A life, driven by a goal, dream, and ambition to bring great change. It could be as simple as living a happy life yet that too comes at a great price for some. What keeps your soul going? What makes it feel alive in you? Pick up a thought, action, or an idea and entitle it with your soulful energy. I feel self-driving energy develops internally.

“The sword is my soul”, have you found what yours is? A good example could be seen with new entrepreneurs, like how they are filled with energy in the beginning but how they fall due to all the worldly consequences. Tomorrow is never a promise but what we chose to do for tomorrow is not a choice that one is making but a gift s/he would bring upon himself/herself.

Also, the reason why some people enjoy reading so much while some find their bliss in photography and art. It isn’t always about doing things because the world requires us to do but finding bliss in what we want to do. That self-driving force that you build-up internally, the force that comes out of the brain chemistry, conscious and your willingness. People often regard “Love” as one of the greatest power on earth, and to the one thing that you want to pursue, if you put all of your heart and soul in it, that would beget a real deal I must say.  

Well, every day, minute and hour must be lived. This era just isn’t about living a normal life but going a step ahead. We all have some interest in something although we speak at times saying “I don’t know what to do in life”, for some the muse hits them earlier while for the other a little later. If that energy is not nurtured at that moment, that is how we end up lagging behind. All you got to do is remind your soul that that is the one thing I want to do.

This is Karan, an educator and a learner based in the Himalayas.