The world we live in has had a history of years uncountable and in it all the rise and fall of humanity, civilization and economy. Of all, acceptance and adaptability with every new thing happening. How does a heart or a mind react to something, something that comes naturally or to a situation arising through people you know. We have seen many leaders, legends and preachers come and go, many said great things about the world and the people. One of the great things told by Gautama was, “The world is full of suffering”. But if we look around. The gesture we have with that phrase is like, “So what?” and there is nothing in it because we have to go through it either way. If so, then, why am I writing about acceptance if a circumstance is going to fall upon you and me either way?

Now the first thing to think about when we say “Acceptance”, is to look at what circumstances lead you to accept or reject an issue or something called change. Change is inevitable, the moving clock might stop but the earth or your body won’t stop aging. The very change saw dinosaurs go extinct, continents drifting, communities becoming countries just to rage a war, a friend in your circle against you, and a heart left with only two options, either to accept or exist in the delusion that makes you say, “what are my sins that I am suffering this”, “I am done with this”, or “This is the best thing ever happened” if the outcome is going to be good.

I was talking to my friend Sonam whom I never met but is a good friend because of the common interest we share. She was telling me that she is getting into modelling, her stylist had put thick makeup on her skin, and she told me that she wasn’t feeling like herself and hated it but again she wanted to do it. When she showed me her face, I said the same, “You don’t look like yourself”. As we continued talking, she mentioned about submitting her portfolio to various agencies, she wanted to pursue it as a hobby. She said that she is going to accept the change. I told her to embrace it. It’s true that with every change comes sacrifices whether it’s something you like it or not.

Embrace. I was thinking to put down the dictionary meaning here and I checked through different dictionaries, and every definition sounded a little limited. This was a little close,

“Embrace: the act of accepting an idea, a proposal, a set of beliefs, etc, especially when it is done with enthusiasm”, (Oxford Learners Dictionary).

I am not going to waste your time rephrasing the same definitions in the same language but, I feel it’s way more than what the dictionary has to provide. It’s the quality of a person to see goodness in things s/he wants to embrace; the act of loving it; the act that brings a smile to one’s face; the act of happily doing the task or happily walking the path.

I said the same to her, “acceptance makes you go through it but embracing keeps you smiling while you go through it”.

It’s amazing isn’t it, the head we have and the mind in it, the way it functions, you bring in a thought and your body/senses react according to it. For example, if you are mentally tired and you see your friend bring you an ice cream for you (if you are an ice cream lover), you naturally tend to look with amazement.

To embrace is to accept every little thing in its true form, a flower blooming, bees feeding on it, the beauty of the earth waiting for spring, and you, embracing it.